Stressful Mountain Ninja Warrior Dream

Date: 2/15/2017

By larzlarz

So in this dream I was a part of a mountain Ninja camp. It was deep in the mountains and was set in a cave, all the rocks were very dark blue. there were two courses we had to take for our ninja training. The first was an easygoing, wide course on the cave floor, where most of my ninja peers would go to. If you finished this course, it was worth 10 points. The other chamber was raised above the ground going up into a fissure and was extremely narrow. I had to take this second course that was only worth 2 points, because it was more of a punishment chamber. I started the course, and they sent murder monkeys after me, with armor of razors. I had to go fast enough through the course to not get caught. Some of the ledges I had to grab on to were trick ledges with very coarse sandpaper or sharpened rocks. If I fell into the rock abyss, my dream acted like a video game and gave me another chance. This went on over and over until I woke up feeling physically and mentally stressed out.