Vampire Romance

Date: 7/31/2019

By dangergirl7283

A young lady was touring an old mansion with a group, thought to be abandoned. But she kept seeing a handsome man (appearing to be maybe in 40s-50s) watching her around corners and in the distance. During the night, she returns and sneaks into the mansion. Finds the mansion full of life. Is invited in and is treated well by the staff. Gets a private tour while the mansion is bustling. Finally meets the handsome stranger. He, and the rest of the mansion, are vampires. And he wants to woo her. He already has a mistress who is also a vampire, but he is a vampire lord and needs to add to his collection, per say. She is wooed and agrees to be his mistress. But it takes a while for her to become a vampire. Then she is turned and we have to deal with all that stuff.