One of BTS members hated me

Date: 6/6/2017

By mythicalmelissa

I barely remember how the hell i ended up meeting them but all I can remember is one of the members (probably Jungkook or Jin) just stared at me with a evil eye and tbh that really scares me because I don't remember doing anything wrong to them. Then someone (maybe one of my close friends) told me that "they" hate you because of what you wore and how you acted on this certain day, which made things even more confusing cause idk what the hell she's talking about and so every time I try and talk to them everyone just started to avoid/ignore me and I felt very heartbroken by this. BTS is one of my favorite Kpop idols ever and seeing them hating me in that dream just made my morning really shitty today😭 I just hope this nightmare never comes true