Date: 3/19/2017

By bleu

really long lucid dream, i remember before i went lucid i was in my room with luke and i remember asking him for condom cuz i wanted to have sex with mom the next morning wtf but he gave me this small condom and i was like sorry buddy i'm just gonna use mine which is a large one, anyways i try to watch porn or something, caleb keeps bothering me so i don't, luke asks me if i've ever done lsd and i tell him yes, anyways for some reason i'm in town now and kaulana drives up to the gastation in a dope car and he's wearing a suit and sunglasses and he opens his car and takes my backpack out and gives it to me, then my dad comes in the f250 and he wants to pick me up but as i get in the truck nakoa, i have no idea where he came from, but nakoa is like yo you know you're dreaming right, and my dad is like hou sheet yessai and then i get out the truck and i tell dad i think i'll just fly home, so i jump up and begin to fly like a bird, i feel the cool air beneath me, i fly over waimea middle school and when i reach home i land on dads white dodge i think, now i'm walking in the yard and i want to talk to my subconscious so i say "subconscious show me what i need to see" and "subconscious now" but nothing happens. i decide to just move on and then dad comes home. he wants me to go help him with something so i go and i have to warm up squid luau and help him put it in ziploc for one of his friends and his friend has two sons. dad makes salad for the boys and my salad that i'm eating has melted cheese instead of dressing on it but i don't realize until after wards yuck, anyways i finish that and i go back into the yard and decide i want to fly past the atmosphere, so i try to blast off and fly and i just can't, after i hit about 30 feet of height i can't go any high and i'm like fuck this blows. the clouds are beautiful and it's getting dark. the sky is a dark glowing blue. now i just try to do some backflips so i can do backflips in real life. i try and i keep landing in my neck or back. i go to do one off of the stone wall but the dream finally starts to fade and i wake up, if anyone wants know how i lucid dream it has been my fourth day doing 20 minutes meditation before bed and i have already had 2 lucid dreams, i have been trying to lucid dream for a while now but i haven't been able to like this until i started mediation for 20 minutes right before bed