Water Skating & Necromany

Date: 7/22/2017

By DeadPlanet

My friends and I were walking along the creek trail and all of a sudden we were skating on the surface of the water. It was autumn 🍁 and the air was fresh and crisp. The water was reflecting the orange hues from the trees above us. Later in the dream it got weird. We were being chased by a vampire and its zombies while in Target. We were buying frozen fruit that apparently hated blueberries because sometimes twigs are stuck to them. Anyway, I was protecting my friends and the giant vampire dude bit my back and yelled "Tag!!" and purple light enveloped me. My friend announced to me that I had become a necromancer and that I must go with the vampire to develop my skills. I went with vampire dude and learned to appreciate the few human-like qualities that he had. We lived in a cabin just outside of the creek woods and I couldn't see my friends or family for a long time. As I tried to sneak away from the vampire dude, he made it clear that he wanted me to stay so that I might become an asset to all of human kind if I could learn to resurrect the dead. If I could learn this, I could help him eat only undead humans instead of live ones, so I then devoted my life to protecting those I love through the secrecy of learning necromancy.