Date: 6/7/2019

By heidilore

I was in a Walgreens. I think I was looking to buy makeup or something. I went in, and the whole place was ransacked. There were way too many employees working there, and nothing was bring done. People were running around in the aisles, stealing things. There wasn't any food or medicine. One of the employees told me I should apply to work there, I almost laughed. It was total pandemonium. A black guy stole a poster board, and ran out. I went outside, I was waiting for my father, but he never came. I walked to my mother's house. As I was walking, a man in a large car came by and drove me to my parents. There was no electricity on for blocks and blocks. When I went into my parents house, my father was gone. There was no electricity. My mother was very angry at me for being late, and angry that I didn't take out the garbage or bring back food to eat. That song "Eye in the Sky" was playing, and I couldn't find my father.