Slow motion and horses

Date: 9/5/2019

By pardonkookie

Namjoon was in the car with me and I was trying to show him that I could read Hangul, but the words were disorderly on the screen and I couldn’t see well, so he started teaching me. Then it switches and it’s like the older days where people ride horses. I’m by the pool with my mom and for some reason I know that these bad people are trying to go into the barn and steal our horses. So me and bts go barging into the barn and I start fighting this guy and we’re shooting them then this one guy who’s hard to beat and has a big gun starts shooting but I’m in slow motion so I dodge them and for some reason I can block them with my arm so me and Yoongi are dodging and blocking bullets and I keep shooting the guy but he’s not dying so I try shooting his head and it’s just not working but eventually he dies.