Date: 5/26/2017

By darlinglolita

Had a dream that my boyfriend came to visit my house but it looked like my old one with one of his friends Spencer (who is currently visiting him irl) the house was filthy and a mess there was a half eaten birthday cake on the table and I think some other leftover or rotten food but I didn't know who's birthday it was or what I had just missed outside there was some monster that could only be kept away by blue and yellow lights and the sound of radio music softly playing but it had to be a certain genre or station out of the window later in the dream he also met my mom for some reason I was naked in front of them both except I was only wearing white underwear he hugged her hard in the kitchen we all sat down at our old house at the huge dinner table we use to have and chatted for a while it was sort of awkward but ok my mom then started taking phone calls and cleaning leave us alone together it was suddenly night and very dark. Spencer was in another one of my rooms doing something and my boyfriend and I quietly had sex. I was bent over a computer desktop table and he made me bite down on the keyboard. With each thrust I would bite down and my teeth would clack against the keys and type gibberish sjhxjfnfjcjcnsnnajqjwnqqxqcqcqcqqc The only light was from the ones outside keeping the monster away so we could all sleep safely that night and the keyboard screen staring me in the face while I got fucked and could see the gibberish in a word document xxxxzzqqqqxqxqxqxxqxqxqxxqxqxq Then something about robberies or shootings something about zombies something abou being a Contestant on ru Paul's drag race it was a white challenge but my dress was an off white and I wasn't wearing heels