Super power

Date: 6/15/2017

By pokeb0y

I was part of this utopian/dystopian society in the future or something and discovered I had electricity powers. I tried to hide it from my parents but they eventually found out and I started running. I ran and I ran until I got to down town or the main part of the city. There I met a dog that had electric powers as well and we could some how communicate when we put our heads together. I was trying to talk to the dog when I saw these military guards coming at me so I started running again and I ran into this girl. (during my dream this character switches between a guy and a girl but I remember her mostly as a girl so I'm going with that) So she sees the guards and pulls me into this ally way and explains about this group of rebels with powers like me. The next thing I remember is being in this kinda military camp with the girl. I'm wearing this mecha suit to help me control my powers and so is she. I remember leaving to battle and seeing this ravaged battle field but that's the last I can remember but I know there was more something with aliens I think.