What kills him makes him stronger

Date: 6/18/2017

By TheNagual

More like a fantasy than it was a dream. Inside the old room at Gibson, I was at some university. There was to be a party inside the room. Outside was dark, there was a very large festival. I wanted to follow Riley but it was too late. I run far to unknown location, it is a sunny morning now. Outside here in this park which was similar to Mesa, I wonder about and pass by suspicious hoodlums. There was a demon and we spotted each other. I had some sort of advantage over him and dashed away to tell the others. There was a battle scene and I was commanded to dive heroically to a computer that was under fire. I press tab tab 1 and the women takes control of the system and we win the fight. There were a few left and I sprint with incredible energy and dive into water while chasing a few survivors. I ended up by the old pool and felt very left out. High on rooftops I and a female guardian spirit watch a demon take down his opposers. Remarkable was his movements and strength. I was then taking shield cover from an enemy who appeared, I got cocky and lazy and died. I re spawn: I see the man I need to kill and I point my gun at him, he was far down inside a pool. I terribly miss, he jumps up towards me and says "he really is as handsome as you say, hahaha" I shoot him twice in the head and he disappears. He knew he would re spawn and wanted me to shoot him so he could ID my face; he grew stronger through my clumsiness and anger. I was running and swinging through pools with great strength. My female spirit was trying to stop me and talk to me. I ended up running on all fours like an animal. We stop and perch high up on wooden beams; we see the man walk through a door. Now a strange animal, a mouse like suit which was distorted.