getting kidnapped

Date: 5/19/2019

By boogigi

I was in 7-11 with a little boy who was my brother. I went to get candy while he stayed near the chips and 3 guys in all black walked into the store. they walked around and left the store and I called for my brother but I got no answer. I walked around to the chips aisle and he was gone. considering he was about 7 and not very tall, I looked around the shelves to make sure he wasn’t hiding. once I knew he wasn’t in the store, I looked outside and the 3 men in all black and my brother all got in a car and left. the rest of my dream was pretty fuzzy but i’m gonna try my best to explain the parts I remember -one of the men was on this path that led out to the ocean and someone spotted him so the man jumped into the water and swam away -one of the men who was my dad decided to buy an abandoned rollercoaster that was yellow and built on the side of a mountain. in the mountain, there was a sewer kind of thing where he was keeping his victims and illegal stuff and he made it very clear to the public that no one could go in there. -im not sure who’s POV my dream was from (it switched throughout the whole thing) but either way I got to a pillar near the entrance of the sewer and tried to jump in but i fell to the ground.