Film Assignment, Wooden Teeth

Date: 7/1/2017

By seascarlet

1: I was in a classroom with a young, long-bearded professor who looked familiar, maybe one I've had irl. He'd given us a short film assignment and I was showing him my illustrated story board. I was proud of the story and my art, which were just funny upon waking. I had a series of drawings and a map on poster board depicting my idea. A man had to pick up a blind woman and drive her across a series of flooded bridges to safety because of some disaster or series of them, at least one of which was a tornado. Problem was, he had an addiction to stealing behives. Large oval-shaped ones out of the woods like you see in cartoons, all honey-colored and segmented. I had a very cartoonish illustration of him with a beehive stuck on his head, swarming with bees and stings all over him. So he'd done it again and now his eyes were swelled shut which would make it very difficult for him to drive her. It still had to be him though, he was the only one who knew the way. My professor asked what would happen, and I said probably a lot of screaming all the way, but they would make it and wonder if they'd ever see each other again, and he would either learn his lesson and get better or go back to stealing bee hives. 2: I had one of those awful teeth-falling-out dreams. This one was unique though because my teeth were apparently wooden just under the enamel, and that's how they'd always been. I thought I'd been doing a good job of taking care of them. When I looked closely though, the enamel was missing in places and you could see the wood underneath. The wood was weak and rotted. One tooth was very small and nothing but blackened wood was left. It came right out when I pulled on it. I realized I was going to have to get dentures and lamented only brushing my teeth once a day a lot of the time and not going to the dentist in a few years. I wondered if there was an alternative, or if I could get away with calling them something other than dentures. It just sounded so geriatric. I also wasn't thrilled about having to take them out at night in front of Jeff. The idea seemed very unsexy.