Randomly Miscellaneous

Date: 2/10/2017

By guido38

I had a dream that started with me buying my sister a teddy bear and she named it Merry Perry . It was white with a dark green bow . Then I was hanging out with my old best friend . And while we were hanging out he was on the phone with this other guy I'm cool with . They could actually possibly know each other in real life too because we all went to the same high school but I don't know . Anyway after the phone conversation he was sitting down and he had a few cowboy hats beside him . I want to say he was playing a PC game while we we're writing lyrics or doing something that had to do with music . Then I remember him looking square at me and asking about an award ceremony or something . Can't recall exactly but I replied with yeah I can get us tickets and I remember sounding so confident . I think I just slept the rest of the night with a clear slate . The dream was short and that's about all I can remember .