Wolf in house had puppies

Date: 5/13/2019

By amandab8211

For some reason there was a wolf in my house that had had puppies. A lot of them. There was like 10. The wolf never tried to attack us but we were all a bit nervous around it. It stayed in the living room laying on a dog bed in the center, which it was really attached to. We knew all the wolves couldn’t possibly stay in the house and that we had to somehow get them outside. We came up with the idea to move the bed outside and hoped the wolf would follow. When the wolf got up briefly, I grabbed the bed and began carrying it outside. My mom gathered up all the puppies in her arms once the wolf started following after me. We put the bed in the woods near the front yard and the wolf got in it, meanwhile all the puppies were very happy to be outside and were playing. Suddenly they all stopped playing and looked to the right. They’d all spotted a deer and the wolf and the puppies (who somehow looked a bit older now) started chasing after it. I was like, “well they’ll sure be happy out here” and as I turned to go back inside I saw a group of five more deer in the distance