Leave the party without my clothes

Date: 8/23/2017

By xoe

Worried about the fish in the fishbowl. My uncle has some fish food in the bright white kitchen. A frog looks longingly at his friend in the fish bowl. I pick him up to put him in. Though frightened, he allows this. He can come up to the top to breathe, but he, the other frog, and 2 white catfish/koi can barely reach. There is also a mouse in the fishbowl. I feed them. Not enough and then too much. A huge pile of food flakes guarded and gorged on by the catfish koi. I worry that they'll kill themselves with all that food. Time to go, but I can't find my clothes. They were in a pile next to the fishbowl. Now they're gone. I look outside, I look in the hampers. All I find is one wet sweater. Thinking the rest of my clothes must be wet, I ask for help finding a trash bag to put the clothes into. Everyone ignores me. I finally find them on top of a refrigerator in another more normal kitchen. A crowd of people around and a pile of party debris on the table. I can't get a trash bag out, and I can't open any of them. Frustrated and in tears after all this, everyone ignoring me. Eventually a woman helps me open it. But I still can't find my clothes. A chaotic mess. Big dog outside not getting the love and attention he needs. Little dogs inside. Owner says yeah, I just don't have the time or money to take care of him Feel outrage, sadness, fear loss all in one. I want to help this dog, to love this dog, but I can't even find my own clothes