Almost had sex with Ex's sister.

Date: 7/29/2017

By Nathaniel

I was in my room and my ex-girlfriend's little sister came in and started taking the stuff that belonged to her as if we had been in a previous relationship. She's super hot way hotter than my ex. Well I got up to make a move and her appearance changed into a different beautiful unknown girl. I proceeded to make my move which worked. I got in my underwear which turned her on we made out and got on the bed. I then proceeded to get ready to have sex. The images were blurry so I I asked my dream for clarity like I know to do if you are lucid and things get blurry. The clarity definitely happened and the girl I was with looked similar to Kim Kardashian but not quite. I asked the dream to make her Emma Watson but it made her face into what looked like an unfinished painting resembling shoe laces. It was like there was a mental block that I couldn't remember Emma Watsons exact features at the time so therefore I could not imagine her face in the dream. Then I think I was woken up by my mom yelling at me in real life to do a chore. There was of course a bunch of stuff before this part of the dream I'm talking about but I cannot remember all of that, there was a lot.