Alien contact ***TW*****

Date: 6/21/2017

By contactsilence

*****Trigger warning sexual abuse*** I was coming to in my bed and I had a small child sized alien squatting over me. I do not have a sense of whether it was male of female, but it's arms were outstretched somewhat, like the typical night terror being you see if you look it up, only it wasn't a gargoyle but rather a rather cute alien face. A child alien face. I began to shake my head back and forth and and said no,no,no," so as to to resist. The alien had the quintessential large alien eyes but they had a nice quality about them rather than being insectoid in nature; they were more anime considering their reflective quality. And they were empathetic and kind. The alien peers into my eyes and is attempting to communicate with me telepathically but as mentioned, I was trying to block it. But I think it was successful as I turned my head to my left, there I saw my mother whom died a few years ago and my older sister but appearing as a child approximately age 6. My mom revealed something disturbing. She said, my uncle M would mix cocaine into my baby oatmeal, so that I would not feel the pain as he sexually abused me. My sister nodded in affirmation. This is where I woke up. Needless to say this was quite the disturbing dream.