Swapped pets and storm

Date: 8/18/2019

By lauriemae

I only remember the end, i went outside and Harriett was in a cage in the back yard with a lamma or something. A bunny was in a cage in a cage with a cat. I was freaked out at what creature could have done this. There were a couple people with me. Dad brian fi6r sure and maybe Lisa. Then a storm started really fast and we hurried inside. It was really hard to get inside. The windows were open and dad got too tired to continue in the living room by a big window. We had to leave him. I went to a smaller room with another person and we thought shutting the windowsws would help. lightning struck and lit up outside and we saw a Godzilla creature got struck, but for some reason we weren't scared . Then dad said he was going out into the weather, we tried to talk him out of it, too dangerous. Just then, as fast as it came it was over. I thought it was odd it stopped right when dad said he was leaving. Then Lisa showed up, i was amazed how quickly she got here after the storm, she said she was at the edge and avoided the worst. Then woke up.