Lost my way and found a temple

Date: 4/26/2017

By Kitsune

I just remembered another part of my dream. So I was riding home from school on my bike together with two friends. On the way home I lost them and actually got lost and didn't know how to get home. Eventually I ended up at some sort of ancient looking cave house thing. I entered and there I saw my class just hanging out on some benches. I walked past everybody and at the end I saw my crush sitting there with her friends. I freaked out and ran away, thinking that if she saw me she would have gotten the idea that I was stalking her. Suddenly a person sitting alone asked what I was doing. I told him that I lost my friends on the way home and he seemed really nice, and said that we could hang out. We were talking about all sorts of things, but I can't remember what exactly. When I left I got to a deeper part of the cave. There was this room that kinda looked like a temple. If you've ever played the game Destiny, it looks exactly like the Vex planet. Then a girl walked past me. She looked beautiful with a green dress and everything. She told me with a cold voice "You are never going to win this". After that she stopped walking, turned around slowly, and looked me straight in the eye. End No seriously that's it that's all I remember dangit. Just when it started to sound really interesting, like a battle was going on or something.