The Comedian

Date: 6/6/2019

By NatureBoy

I was walking through the streets of a city that was reminiscent of New York City but it was futuristic. There were Cars flying through the sky, the air was crisp and cold and the further i walked the more i noticed a homeless man tapping on what looked like his car. This homeless man was very well dressed for being homeless and the car looked to be his however he had no intention of getting in the car, only tapping on the window. My Mom who was suddenly next to me told the stranger there is space at our house if he needs a place to stay . Next im in a car driving on the highway to my house and my Aunt is driving with her husband who are both american but spoke in an English accent during this car ride for unknown reasons. They were talking but i could only percieve the essence of a conversation but nothing was really being said. We get to my house and i leave the car and i see a cockroach like bug crawl into the bush next to me but this cockroach is strangely captivating Im in my living room and we are all gathered around to watch something and im on the couch with my uncle on the right of me who is Gay for some reason and the stranger who is sitting to the left of me. My aunt and my uncle are sitting on another couch perpendicular to us and my mom is on the left of the stranger. I suggest that we watch Black Mirror on netflix and no one has any idea what that is so i explain it to them and we watch an episode. The episode is about a comedian who was very popular and loved by all until he started joking about hypothetical ways of murdering people. They cast him out and he became homeless and i realized that the stranger and the comedian looked very similar . I looked to my left and saw a terrifying expression on the strangers face and the sheer shock of seeing that woke me up in a cold sweat