Thanks Alot Mom & The Yellow Bus

Date: 6/14/2017

By fluffytree

I'm with my mom and it's late at night as I'm driving around what seems like an unfamiliar part of downtown. I'm kinda annoyed cos I'd rather be at home watching TV or gaming, but my mom insisted on coming out tonight since there's some festival or something going on she wanted to go to. Suddenly it's daytime and we're rolling through a place I'm familiar with which is Belle Isle, a small river island park not far from where I live irl. I haven't actually been on the island in years and there's apparently been alot of upgrades to it since then. One thing I notice is that not too far off on the distance is a beautiful flower garden full of vibrant colorful flowers. Even the trees are different colors too. In the center is a domed greenhouse that pulls everything together visually so well. They really did outdo themselves with the park renovation cos it looks amazing. But then as quickly as daytime happened, it became nightfall again. Not only am I not in the same place, but I seem to be in some dingy urban park downtown, a far cry from what I just experienced. Mom wants to get out and look at the place. There's all these little 10ft pedestals where people have posted bulletins and stuff that she finds curious. I guess one of them peaks her interest because she mentions that one of them says an open theater is happening right now. I groan mentally and follow her lead. We end up in some crappy looking library that has more movies for rent than books. Everything looks super old and used, in fact, over half of the movies there are in VHS format. It reminds me of when I used to rent stuff from Blockbuster and later Hollywood Video when I was a kid, you know, before Netflix made everything so much more convenient. This place is pretty low-rent but there's a kind of archaic charm to it I have to admit. Lots more people are here than I imagined too. It must be a hit with the local community though. In the back of the place is the theater my mom was talking about before and a movie is about to start shortly. We go find a seat that's close to the middle section but not too far from the front but she goes back for something, maybe to get a snack. I end up sitting right at the end seat. The lights dim and the movie starts playing. That's when my mom comes back and is talking to me very loudly about something. It's pretty embarrassing and we all get glaring looks from people nearby. One lady even asks her if she can be quiet. My mom gets pissed and snaps back at her which just makes things worse for me. Seriously how did I come from her when we're soo different? I just can't stand how loud she can be sometimes. I believe I 'escape' at this point to a different dream actually. Now I'm back at home and I feel an urgent need to get to my old high school today for class and it's already about 7:30am which means I have half an hour before I'm late. It's cold outside and must be winter cos all the trees and plants are barren and I can see my breath when I exhale. I get in my car to finally leave but for some reason as I see a yellow school bus stopped down the street from me I remember I have to take the bus instead. IDD (Instant Dream Data~A collection of data and false memories about a dream world instantly available to me) informs me that even though the bus looks like a typical school bus, it's really a public transport one. It's super packed though to the point where people have to stand. God I hate the bus. Irl I used to have to ride it everyday in my school days up until I got a car in college and I don't miss those days at all. I decide I won't bother with this one and will find another. Also why is the driver just sitting there. I got a glimpse of him through his window just reading the morning paper, totally unconcerned with how many people are onboard waiting to get to their destination. Maybe he's ahead of schedule or on a break cos sometimes I will see them just sitting in one spot for a long time. Man I'm gonna be late waiting for these stupid buses. I start thinking why I don't just take my car anyway? There's a mental block though telling me I simply can't and I accept it begrudgingly.