Weird cryptic mannequin funeral

Date: 6/1/2019

By HaysPotato

I don't remember why but I was at the white house, it was odd. The white house in the middle of a desert plane, it had a long path leading to the door and had a few black trucks surrounding it but other than that it wasn't guarded. I looked around for something for a moment but when I turned around I saw a crowd of people around a casket under an awning, they were all sobbing violently and the entire aura I felt was one that you would feel at a funeral, that low hollow feeling in your chest. The weird part was that not only were there several other groups performing similar activities around them, each group with their own casket and awning to do their mourning, but what was in the caskets weren't people, when I walked closer I found colorful mannequins. I was shocked, why were these people hosting funerals for mannequins? I looked around, these funerals we're lining the street no more than four or five feet between them, and each coffin had a differently colored mannequin. Most had painted on injuries, red paint dripping down one to resemble blood, and some just colored completely red. I began searching for my mom in my dread filled confusion, only to find her sobbing hysterically with the rest of my family over the only brightly colored purple mannequin. "Mom? Why are you crying?" I asked "I don't know. Let's get out of here" she replied before grabbing my little sisters hand, wiping her eyes and leading us down the road. The last thing I remember before waking up was the road shifting from desert to green and flowery as you walked down it.