Air planes (Nightmare)

Date: 6/22/2017

By Bannanaleafer

So this dream starts off with me (not in a body of some sort but just like "floating"?) in a jet. I think it's odd but say nothing of it. After a few minutes pass the jet shakes and drops maybe 2,000 ft but levels out. All the passengers start to freak out (perfectly understood). A flight attendant runs to the back of the plane screaming "the whole left side" over and over again. Other passengers and crew calm her down enough for her to explain that the whole left side (upper left side) of the plane was blown out and lost. Then, my dream brings me back into my body again and I'm in the airport waiting for someone (at the time I didn't know who) and my dad says "oh god what was his flight number" he was looking at the tv which I later learned. My mom says the flight number of the doomed flight but at the time we hadn't know. Because this dream seems to be going however I want (but I don't seem to have complete control) I manage to get my dream self to ask "who are we here to get" and my dad thinks I'm telling a joke but realizes I'm not and says "Mozart" (my 1 year old doggo who I love so much and legit couldn't live without). Well, in the end the plane lands and somehow most of the passengers (the ones who didn't get blown out) get off and they unload the cargo and everyone is all good (or so I thought). My family and o go to the animal pick up line and as we get ready to pickup Mozart someone yells "Everyone quiet, here is a list of the missing from flight g1280." After the person finishes reading the list of people missing they begin to read the animals missing "A snake, and 3 dogs". At that, my heart almost gives out and I want to throw up and cry at the same time but my dad still makes us go to the animal counter and ask for mozart. There, we are told, "Mozart is on the list of missing pets" and in the dream I scream and pass out and when I wake up in real life I'm covered in my tears. I have never stumbled across my dark room at night just to find my dog but tonight I did and I held him and cried. Him being a nice dog, he let me and didn't get a slight but annoyed. This nightmare was one of the saddest things that I've ever dreamt in at least 2 years so for a nightmare to show up so randomly it makes me wonder if I should be worried 😭🤔