My Best Lucid Dream! (So happy!)

Date: 7/21/2017

By ace200

Okay so I woke up hearing weird noises, like a bunch of kids yelling and to my dad next to me naked because he didn't know I was there. He got pissed I saw him and left. I was like this is weird and went wait a minute... IM FINALLY LUCID DREAMING! IT TOOK MY NAKED DAD TO WORK! To test my theory, I kind of fell out of bed and floated to the ground. I jumped around a little to practice floating. My sister came in to wake me up because she said I'd been sleeping for a while and I went to her room with her. She was wearing my bandanas so I told her to take them off. I saw storm clouds coming in the distance and told her it was gonna rain. A rocket ship then blasted in front of the window into the sky and I thought "Yep, definitely LUCID dreaming." It was loud and scared me and really close, i'm surprised I didn't wake up then and there. I hovered around the house a bit. I remember thinking that I read that when LUCID dreaming you should try to go through mirrors so I went to the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and dipped my head into it. I was sure it wouldn't work, but I actually just slide inside. It became me in the mirror, looking into the bathroom, around me the blue bathroom wall. I ran back out, pretty satisfied. I remember being with my family in the kitchen and just pigging out and in the dream my sister got mad at me for eating her goldfish but I didn't care bc it was a dream lol. I ate goldfish, ice cream, fruit, all that Jazz. I practically walked out giving my sister the finger. I tried to get a mushroom to pop out of my kitchen table, but it didn't work for some reason. I just wanted to test my new powers and practice them. I have a crush on this guy (for this purpose, I'm calling him Jeff.) I decided to go find him so I went outside. I remember leaving and my dad yelled "If you want him to come just wait, he will!" He came running towards me and we hugged and laid in the grass together, it was so romantic and real. I couldn't believe how happy he was to see me, it was so cool. I kind of wanted to try sex and thought that so he got on top of me, but I started hearing noises and the dream got distorted and wasn't working right. I was losing control. Probably because I haven't had sex and Jeff was getting confused on what to do lol. I woke up in the dream back in my house outside of the bathroom on the ground with Mr R, and all these random people with weird haircuts. I don't know if I had control or not. Then I woke up for real in bed and was like wooooaaaaahhhhhh. I've only had like three LUCID dreams, one being decent and the two others really brief. The problem is that I didn't do much to spark this one. I just kind of woke up in the middle of the night and went back to bed? I vaguely remember my body vibrating and wondering if it was gonna happen because I wasn't moving, but my mind was running.