Girls, party(?) and the classic Satan fairy

Date: 4/20/2017

By dixsilence

I remember a discussion withy father, after that I went to the city to see a friend. She was a good friend of mine, very sexy , it felt like she was my gf. The a thing was We were walking to the port and my father saw us in the street, I was supposed to be a studying and.not being with a girl. I left her on a bus and went to a reunion at the port. It was at night, very crowded and full of colorful lights. Again I met another friend, she was from highschool. We went to the main building, the first room was a otaku convention and the other was like a coffee break full of food. It was weird because you had to left your values on the tables or in the floor, hopefully no one would took them. After that we went to the pool, it was big and full of people. I tried to swim but I ended hitting my friend's face, she got so upset and a get that she left. After a while I found her at the hall with her computer, she said she has nothing to do and was about to leave until a very loud.voice says something about a purge. Everyone started panicking, I went to the windows and there was a giant satanic fairy flying around us saying we were all going to die. So it happened, slowly all the people started to get murderer by this fairy. I took my stuff and went outside to the street. Don't remember what happened but after all that I kinda won and now I was on a selected group of old people at a train. On the table there was a lot of electronics and repairing materials. These people were a mess, they were making lunch with lettuce and bolts.