visiting the pink planet

Date: 7/2/2017

By Tjika

I was living in some sort of cave system with some other people. My mom lived there too and a few friends of mine. I met these friends in the caves though, it was like we were survivers of some kind of apocolyps. We were in the caves to do experiments and stuff. For some reason it was important that I kept my room really clean, so I was cleaning it up. There were also some kids around and we were always thinking about how to improve their lives in the caves, including their education. At some point the cave appeared to be some kind of machine instead with which we tried to find other planets to investigate. I think it was ultimately our goal to improve the places we found, like we were interdimensional problem solvers or something. We got to a planet (which we didn't quite often, it was rare to actually arrive anywhere) where they were obsessed with the colour pink. The ground was pink, the hair of the people was oink, there really was a lot of pink. I found out that we'd landed quite late, so most people had gotten of and been around the place already. My friend wanted to go again and show me around though. We ran outside, quite enthousiastically. I was impressed by all the pink. She told me her nickname was now orange and I told her mine was Tjika. This was something we always did when arriving at a new planet. We ran onto the streets as I asked her if this stuff was okay. We obviously didn't belong here, so was it okay if people found out? She told me there was no secrecy whatsoever and we really liked that. We could run really fast, because our people had already discovered magic, but tge people here hadn't. I saw kids in pink shirts and with pink hair play soccer on a field that we passed. I noticed they were all very fragile children, like they hadn't developed their bodies properly, but I knew that was a thing here, everyone was unhealthy. We ran into the city and as we did that I knew we would not return to the ship/cave thing for a while. We were planning on going around the world to help out with certain issues, although I'm not sure what those were and where they were, although dream me seemed to know. I flew a little bit too, but it was hard since we were going so fast that I almost flew into some billboard thingy, so I decided running was safer. We ran around a few corners, going deeper into the city. That's where we were suddenly running alongside a group of pink people, who were doing a race there. They were not very fast though. They ran onto a square which was apparently a finish. That's when I told my friend something was wrong. I stopped her and realised I did not remember her nickname. I asked her and she said slightly irritated that it was Orange. I looked at her and she was dressed in pink and orange and had pink and orange hair, so dream me thought it made sense. I thought it was slightly odd for her to give herself s nickname like that, but then I remembered I have myself a weird one too, so I had no right to complain about it. I resumed to tell her that something was going to go wrong, but I didn't know what it was. It had something to do with those runners though. Then I woke up.