Smoothie School Bus

Date: 7/18/2017

By KawaiiMelon

I was on a school bus with my friend Olivia, my boyfriend, and my mom. Olivia and I ride the bus to school, but my boyfriend does not(my mom doesn't either obviously). So we were on the bus, all of us sitting in the second or third row on the right side. At some point my mom somehow move to a seat besides the driver that doesn't normally exist. We could see over the seats even though you can't on a normal bus. I don't remember a lot of what we were talking about or if we were talking at all. The bus is driving down roads I don't recognize now that I'm awake, but it seemed fine while dreaming. Then we pull up to a stop and people start getting off, including my boyfriend. We drive away and I watch him. All of a sudden I'm standing somewhere, talking to him and asking him why he got off there. I assumed in the dream that he would get off at the same stop as Olivia as they live quite near each other. He started talking about smoothies or something like that and if he would get off there the bus driver would remember to bring him a smoothie. That's pretty much all of the details I can rememberm but I did my best to describe my boring dream. It's the first I've remembered in a couple of days so I made sure to write it down.