Majority Vs. Minority

Date: 6/28/2017

By sondramjones

I was at my high school, but it didn't completely look like my high school. It had that "dream-state" twist to it. We all lived in this high school which was very odd, and on this particular day we were being forced to vote - do we root for the minority or the majority? I, along with some of my other friends chose minority while most of the small population in the school chose majority. (Mind you, there were adults living here too.) So, we all were put into separate groups in the cafeteria, the majority giving us death glares. I felt a sense of weakness and rebellion. Finally they revealed while we were made to vote on this. The majority were now instructed to hate the minority, spit on them when in their presence and discriminate them whenever they were seen. It was kind of like we were the poor, scum of the population and they were the perfect, rich people. We had all of our belongings and money taken away from us, and we were left to fend for ourselves. We began walking around, looking at how much the area had now changed. Even though it was my high school I felt a sense of unfamiliarity due to my new status. My friend Bella and I became worried with the issue of food, where would we get anything to eat? Thats when it became apparent that not only did the majority hate us, they hated us so much that they were willing to literally kill us of starvation. I became super scared and worried at this point, and then a sweet old man came up to us. I was confused as he was a part of the majority. He said "theres a little store at the end of the road that serves minorities if you serve them a little." Bella and I were ecstatic, but we knew we had to keep this a secret. We made our way to the store stealthily so none of the members of the majority would see us. Finally we slipped in and met a scruffy, hench, brunette man dressed in a gray shirt and a white apron, chopping meat. "May we have some food?" Bella had asked, to which the man threw a sponge at us. "Scrub" he ordered, pointing to the counters and stovetop. Bella began scrubbing whilst I waited, finally finishing. I scrubbed the stovetop and received major criticism on my cleaning skills by this man. Finally we were able to choose whatever meal we wanted. We decided on something simple in order to not upset this guy any further, chicken nuggets. The man seemed pleased with our decision, so we waited. Looking around we saw the store was filled with fish tanks and televisions, quite an odd thing to collect if you ask me. Thats when a couple, clearly part of the majority walked in. The man immediately spotted us and glared. They complained about us, and thats when Bella realized it was her parents. The two finally left and we got our chicken nuggets and ate them. Going back to the cafeteria we laid down on our sleeping mats since the majority actually owned houses. In the middle of the night I got up and went back to the store, seeing the lights all turned off and no one in there. Going in I went to this file cabinet in the corner, looking for anything I could find on this guy. Thats when I felt a pair of hands wrap around me harshly, jolting me backwards and making a mess of the file cabinet. I saw it was the dad from earlier. He began choking me, to which I banged his head against the cabinet and knocked him dead. He was bleeding from his head pretty badly, so I ran outta there as fast as I could so no one could blame me. Thats when I heard the noise of a struggle in the officeplace next to the store. Looking through the window I saw Bella and her mom going at it as well, fighting each other. I let them fight for a bit, seems how I knew Bella could defend herself. That was until her mom began strangling her. I ran in and tackled her mother, slamming her against the table so hard that her bones broke. I then slammed her head against the desk repeatedly, killing her as well. We ran out from the place and went back to our sleeping mats, unbeknownst to us that we had already been found out. We woke up the next day and everyone was already awake, some girl was sat up next to us. "You know you guys got caught right" she said, her voice being very slow - almost as if she was high. Our eyes widened as we bolted up and saw everyone getting along. "Wait what?" I asked. Everyone turned to us and cheered, apparently Bella's parents were the ones that made everyone majority vs. minority so us killing them broke the trend. Everyone was happy, and then I woke up and forgot about the dream for large portion of my morning