TW- Rape at home by O- 24/08/17

Date: 8/24/2017

By jp01

I was at my Dads house, picking up some of my collectible statues, I got sidetracked when I found some makeup I left there not too long ago, I was packing some makeup brushes in to my bag when one of my step brothers (C) was staring at me from the other side of the couch, it felt weird but I thought nothing of it. I looked around the room and my other step brother (O) was also staring at me, that made me uneasy. I decided I should probably get out of there. I left and walked to my house, feeling uneasy the whole time. I got to my house and had to jump the back gate to get in, which isn't unusual. I got in and the whole house was abandoned, completely empty except a couple of chairs organised in a campfire like circle. There was a little girl who threatened me before making my acquaintance, we talked for a bit before I decided to leave and go down to another house. I locked my house door behind me in fear something would happen to the little girl. I stopped at the other house and looked around in their garden for a while as it was nice, with lots of flowers and trees. then I saw my other step brother (O), he was coming towards me so I ran to the front door of the house, banging on the door, with no answer. I ran to every house banging on the doors while he kept walking towards me. I reached my house and recognised I should be able to open the front door, I realized I locked it so I banged on the door hoping the little girl would come open it before he got to me, but she was gone. I turned around and he was right there, towering over me and laughing at me before he hit me to the ground and tore me shirt off, he started choking me when I tried to fight back, I woke up the same time I blacked out in the dream.