Husband being a spiritual leader and recurring dream about child under water.

Date: 9/29/2019

By cgilmore73

So much of this dream I do not remember so just documenting what I do remember. My husband was some type of church leader for bible study or something. I remember being in his section sitting with his chirch people. We were in like an arena where there was so many other churches .i remember his group getting up and running around this arena that remind me of Jericho. I was aware in my own mind about my husband’s love for fitness and said to self he got them working out lol. I can’t remember anymore of this dream. It went to this dream about my daughter being surrounded by all this water again. And there were all kind of whale looking sea creatures in water. People were being called to go and interact with these things, it could of been to minister to them. I remember me saying to self, oh no my daughter went under water again as she did in the previous dream and the enemy tried to show me she was dead. So I immediately ran and jumped in this water and at this time she was under there for hours. When I got down to her and pulled her up, she was alive holding her nose and I was overjoyed. I said how did you hold your breath for that long. She said I played dead.... my God!!!!