New song, book cover, fighting, animals' pens

Date: 6/12/2017

By anonymous­čÉ▒

Coldplay had a new song. I remember seeing that Chris was on stage playing and singing it and I remember being in a line with my friends and I had a huge smile. I genuinely believe it was a new song and I loved it and thought it was beautiful. When I remembered this dream I was disappointed about how I couldn't really remember how the song went. At the time it made me so happy that thinking about it still does now. With an exacto knife, dad (then I) had to cut the middle out of a book cover. The reason to do so seemed important at the time but I still didn't let it happen (I must be such a book lover lol). The book was navy blue and with white also. I remember examining it close. The setting of this was (to my belief at the time) the school library. Looking back on it now it was similar to a modern-ish hotel lobby with a library's ambiance (quiet and patient). There was bright sunlight coming through the floor to ceiling windows from the left (and then from the right as I went over to the book). Kinda had a FLW feel to the place, with warm wood and a homey pleasant atmosphere. Still need to write the rest