Digital art, Create an image of a person attempting lucid dreaming and experiencing the transition from sleep paralysis to reality.

Attempting Lucidity

Date: 7/27/2019

By Xiileaf

(Not in Dream) After watching a video on YouTube about someone’s sleep paralysis, I decided to read up on it. He had claimed it all started when he wanted to lucid dream. The only difference between him and me is that he’s “haunted” in his sleep paralysis (Sultan Sketches). I did a small bit of research on sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming just before I went to bed. I was quite excited to see if I could pull something like this off. (In Dream) Somehow, I managed to get into the sleep paralysis part and I was ecstatic. I had tried to move my arms and thought something along the lines of, “Oh, I see that I really can’t move.” Just like that YouTuber had said he experienced, I heard a low base noise beating like a drum, but it definitely didn’t last long. After about two seconds of the base, it started fading into no sound along with the dark purple nothingness (the purple nothingness turned to a brighter purple). I could feel myself slipping back to reality. And I did. I think the entire experience only lasted 5 seconds. I was so happy that I had successfully done something, even if it was just that. I’m suspecting that’s why I woke up. (Not in Dream) I had woken up in my bed on my back and looked out the window. It was getting light out. After a couple minutes of internally celebrating, I went back to sleep but could not do the same thing I had previously done.

AI generated interpretation Interpretation: This dream is a reflection of your growing interest in lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis. The YouTuber's story served as an inspiration for you to explore these topics and try to experience them for yourself. The dream itself appears to reflect your attempt to access a state of sleep paralysis and you were successful, though it only lasted a few seconds. The dream may also be a reflection of your feelings of excitement and accomplishment from succeeding in this endeavor. The brightening purple could symbolize the end of the experience as you were slipping back to reality. This dream may be a sign of your growing curiosity and determination to explore this area further.