Spotting Will Smith

Date: 5/7/2017

By itsliz

Me, mom and Michael were visiting the mall. I vaguely remember wandering, but we ended up at a restaurant that reminded me of an indoor version of the restaurant that Alfred had gone to at the end of the movie for the last Batman with Christian Bale. We were eating and enjoying the last of ice cream and mom had been talking to some friend she knew who was a waitress there in Spanish. We were finishing up and mom went to pay while I stayed with Michael while he finished his ice cream. The waitress mom knew came to pick up his stuff and was talking to him in Spanish and ignoring my stuff. She asked if I knew Spanish and I said I knew a little but grabbed my things, embarrassed, and went to put them away on a counter by the cashier when I passed by Will Smith sitting by himself. I didn't try to look again to seem rude but I did stand up straighter and set my things down and went to go look for mom in the clothes right across the aisle when I turned to my left. I found she was sitting at a table and took a seat while Michael finally came along and sat in a recliner and had it stretch out so he could lay down. Some guy approached and sat down sort of beside me. He looked sort of Italian, made me think he might be Will Smith's manager, but then said, "Smile and say hello off the shoulder." Confused, I turned and gave a nice smile while mom and Michael said hello and Michael came to sit in front of me and mom. The guy didn't wait for me to say hello and then asked us, "So, what do you think of if I asked if you knew a guy named Kevin?" Mom said she didn't know but Michael said he knew a guy who played a bodyguard and then remembered Kevin Hart. The guy nods and then Will Smith came over and sat next to Michael and I tried not to look directly at him. It's when I look that the guy seemed to have hoped I'd say something. He says, "The heart grows fond" with a shrug. Will leaves and we all watch him go and it's then that this guy thanks us for our time and admits, "You could've asked for his phone number and he would've given it to you guys." We felt really bad for missing an opportunity and said we would've asked. I said that it's too bad but he didn't even give me a chance to say hi or even say anything as the guy went to recline in the chair and possibly take a nap. We were disappointed as we asked if HE could give us Will's number and he said there was no point since we wouldn't be able to talk to him anyway. I explained we could have and he said we might not understand what he could say and I shoot back that even if we didn't, we could've listened all the same if he had to vent and even told him how we could word things to express we were listening even if we can't understand all the vocabulary Will uses. I got tired of trying to prove mine and my family's worth and woke up.