Wedding and baby

Date: 6/8/2017

By wisebubie

Okay, so this one is weird. I rarely remember everything that happens in my dreams, well, I guess I rarely remember ANYTHING that happens in my dreams, so here it is. I dreamt that I was getting married. I'm not quite sure if it was arranged or not, but I was getting married to Jack Seigel. I know that once I found out that I was getting married to him I was alright with it. I tried to spend time with him, while still staying away with him, almost as though we were just friends who were getting married (even though I barely know him). There was also something in my dream about a baby and I had written down before the wedding and everything on a piece of paper or a journal a question to my future self (So what is it?), not knowing what it meant at first until the end of the dream. I don't know who was pregnant, but I'm pretty sure it was a girl and not me nor Jack, but it was definitely my baby. We then found out that this baby would be a girl. We had fun or whatever at the wedding (which now that I'm remembering it, I think the reception was a bunch of tables in my elementary cafeteria) and I think there was a couple basketballs in there for whatever reason, and after the wedding I found out what that question to my future self was. I was asking myself if the baby would be a boy or a girl, and then I wrote girl down in response to the question, and then I woke up.... strange dream, I know, but have you every heard of a normal dream before?