End of School Party / Reunion

Date: 3/11/2017

By fungusfairy

it was the end of school, but I was already hot and no one could beloeve it. getting hit on by the popular boys, making fun of the popular girls. Ashlie was still nove we had some bonding on the bus which was also a pirate ship. Once at school the whole thing got an apocalyptic buffy vibe. Phee was there and so were flora and claire, and I jept losing phee and ending up with flora. Flora said phee wasnt pretty amd I laughed at her. Giant python under the couch in one of the rooms. At one point I was guiding muths about and told her she was beautiful. Then it all turned into a weird druggy party and phee had this amazing weed, whih then of course turned into coke when the school officials burst into the toilet. I talked them into believing it was citalopram and they gave me advice about it and how to take it. It was all very weird.