Date: 4/3/2019

By dollsteak1

I was with my mom at the hospital. I was recieving treatment for an unknown ailment. She left the room for some reason so I decided to as well. My objective was to smoke a cigarette. I meandered a fair distance from the hospital. It was still in sight but probably a 5 minute walk away. I finally found a place to light the cigarette so I did and I began to walk while I smoked. I was in some kind of a park but was walking on concrete. I'm not sure if I was indoors or outdoors. I walked up a spiral path and encountered many people sleeping in chairs. I recognized one person in particular as a coworker whom I dont know her name. She squinted her eyes open at me and then closed them again. I concealed the fact that I was smoking and walked back down the spiral pathway to another section of the "park". I was trying to get to an open field i had seen in the distance. Relief came over me as I came to a place that had ashtrays strewn about, so I knewthis place was alright to smoke. It seemed as though I was in some kind of casino or bar at this point. As I walked, to my right appeared the bar, but it was like an individual bar. Many different individual bars even. I didn't order a drink and kept walking. Now o found a bowling alley, but it was no ordinary bowling alley. The lane that I walked up on was presenting a bonus opportunity. If ome threw a strike at this particular moment then they would be the recipient of a bonus of a little more than $2000. At this point I think I had a vision of the happening in the past. I had heard of my friend Kevin Benson being put in this same position with his girlfriend. It was her turn to throw the ball, but he did instead, got the strike, but it was voided. I couldn't control myself. I grabbed a ball and threw the strike. Above the lane there was a hologram mimicking the ball movement but adding more to it. I didnt get my jackpot.