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Date: 7/8/2017

By Pyro

Tonight I just woke up to a very violent dream, which took upon a very realistic scenario. I was back in California, relaxing with my family on the beach we all used to visit. My younger brother was excited he got to visit the place I was born, so he ran off to the water with my dad. Me and my mom stayed back, I played some stupid app on my phone, texting my friends and such before I get a text from a random number. Which gave me an uneasy feel to it. I'm not one to usually answer random texts, but I guess dream me made an exception. (Note I'm doing this all from brief memory of the conversation, I know these aren't the exact sentences but I know that they're along the lines of it) ?:Where are you? Me:Um who's this ?: Don't pretend. Are you at that beach? Leave now. Me: why? ?:It's gonna come soon. Go, now. I didn't want to disturb my mother, so I let her relax while I gazed around, apparently I act like a horror movie character in this dream, so be prepared to yell at my idiotic choice. I stood, walked to my family's car and drove out, I am under the age of 16, so legally I can't drive. And I still drove like the average joe. I reached my old apartment, getting another alert on my phone. Ignoring it I walked in the apartment complex and wandered. With that the dream ended. I don't understand what "it" is, or if this is a sign to never come to California. But it was very eerie.