Breath of the wild

Date: 3/29/2017

By tiptipkitten

I tried to right this down one other time and I accidentally deleted it so I'm making this less detailed I was playing a game I got into a fort I saw a unicorn I wanted the unicorn but it was dangerous to go over there but it came over here I got on it except it wasn't a unicorn anymore it was a merry go round horse. I rode the 'horse' to another batch of unicorns. And now I'm watching a show with everything I did was really a show. She walks up to them and saw three people that had weird cloths they started talking to her about the power of unicorns 😒. My mom started to complain about what I was watching and I said that my little sister left it on and I was to lazy to change it. "It's like her mermaid show except unicorns this time" I muttered. After me and my mom finished I caught the last bit of the words of the people in the show. One of them that looked like the leader said something about (I'm just gonna call the main chapter me) me becoming a rider, one of the girls protested saying I wasn't ready. The leader waved her off and got me on a unicorn. I road in a chaotic circle around a fountain nearby and nocked over a few critters into it. I got back and chatted with them. Back to the game The people where gone and I saw a rock looking horse and I crept up to it and right when I was going to get on it I woke up