Greaser Posse, Giant Sand Worms, Time/Space Jumps

Date: 8/25/2017

By precociousoceans

My memory begins in a somewhat trashy, white neighborhoood. I'm living with a group of guys of varying ages. Either we live in a house over-occupied or a lot of these guys simply hang out over at my home. It reminds me a bit of The Outsiders, sort of a gang but more people come together for protection toward one another. I'm on the side of my house, doing my thing alone when I hear am argument break out between someone from my house and another person from across the street. I hear something break, and suddenly there are footsteps and shouting emerging from both my house and the other. I run out to the street to check it out and there is a full-on fist fight taking place between the occupants of my place and the neighbor's. I feel an overwhelming need to defend "my people" and rush the closest attacker to me, delivering a punch that knocks him to the ground. I'm fueled by adrenaline and anger at this point, excited to take out as many people as possible and win this fight. A large woman with a southern accent emerges from the home where the others have been coming from with a large collie. An odd breed for a fighting-dog, but large and angry enough to be threatening. Overweight, ignorant, prideful southern women are a stereotype that bothers me enough in real life that I want to take her out above any of the other combatants. Everyone I advance upon her, though, the collie of hers get's within inches of me and snaps it's jaws toward my face. Luckily, a dog of my own comes running from my backyard and distracts her dog. The two go running off, chasing one another in circles, just as much in a playful manner as an aggressive one. I refocus my target on the woman and use my superior agility to land a few blows on her face and body without giving her enough time to swing back. Her face seems to be so insulated with fat that my fists are ineffective. I pick up some bricks off the ground and throw them at her.....Not her face, her body, if that makes a difference. I know, terrible either way, but it's a dream. At this she simply turns around and heads back into her home, rambling about how her dog is going to take us all out anyway. I realize my dog may be in need of some dire help, but when I find it with my eyes I notice that her dog and mine are still going at it in a relatively friendly fashion. I step in between them to intervene and make sure things are alright and the collie charges at me. Instead of defending myself, I just kneel down and quickly pet it every time it runs past me, never truly attacking me. It goes from making small snaps at me as it bolts past to fully accepting my pets, hanging around longer each time it passes so that I may deliver them :) The sound of fighting has died down entirely, I notice, and I walk back toward my home. All the guys originally at my place are gathered in the garage, chatting and smoking cigarettes. Some are bruised up, others aren't, but none of them seem badly hurt. It seems as if they're talking about what happened, but when I ask about the cause of the incident everyone gets quiet. I only hear a few murmurs about how it all started with one argument, something I already know. Someone breaks the awkward silence by asking my if I'm alright, the rest of the group carries on their conversations with one another. I tell the guy that in honesty, that was one of the best days of my life, causing him and another kid next to me to break out in small laughter. Sidenote:We kept the neighbor's dog, it liked us more AAAAANNNND CUT I'm out in a peculiar place. There is a beach but it borders sand dunes, like ones you'd expect to see in the desert. I'm at the shoreline. I begin to ascend one of the hills of sand and immediately I see mounds forming towards me, maybe a 70 feet away or so. A giant worm with a circle of sharp teeth at its front jumps out from the sand and dives back into it, still speeding right at me. I make it to the shoreline, contemplating getting into the water, right before the worm reaches me. Instead of a worm popping out from the ground, though, it's a dog. I immediately deduct that since the sand near the water is too wet and dense for the worm to travel through, it's gotta just turn into something else once it enters it...a dog, presumably. When I step back out onto the dry sand the dog seems thrilled to turn back into a man-eating worm and kill me, but as a dog it's harmless. This is when the flashes/ time and space jumps start. I'm teleported from the sand dunes to a large yacht. Upon the yacht, which I instinctively know not to be my own, is a seductive Asian woman lying in the bed. I talk with her, but I'm not quite getting any true responses, just flirtatious coaxing. I walk closer to her and notice some inconsistencies in her skin, lines and small points of transparancy. It's a hologram. I appear to be in a future Japan. I look out of the boat and see that the yacht is docked. I want to get off this boat, but I'm not quite sure how to do this. I eventually jump off, swim to shore, and pull out a tablet from my pocket that indicates to me that I am breaching some sort of federal network with my use of the device. I'm quickly surrounded by police, but teleported once again before being fully detained. This time I'm out in the water, with a large structure a small swim away from me. I climb on the structure and explore it. It seems to be an abandoned water park, built right out in the ocean. I inspect the horizon encompassing me and see that the city of Los Angeles is at a great distance, at least a few miles. I fear that I won't fare well attempting to swim to it and look around the ocean again for boats. I spot one and scurry to find something on this structure that will make that the most noise. I find a bell, ring it, and I'm soon approached by many military boats. A man on a megaphone shouts for me to put my hands in the air. I comply with all of their instructions. The man eventually tells me I am free to jump into the water to be rescued on their boat. I do so, but as soon as I'm in the water, a woman in a military life-vest grabs ahold of my arms. I tell her I know how to swim but she is insistent on guiding me toward of the large boats. I climb up a ladder to the top and the main characters from the TV show Lost are aboard, sitting in a circle. I greet them as if I know them and have experienced the whole of the shows events with them. I complain about wanting to get back to regular life but tell them I'll be alright to just live with them.