Fuckboy hugs

Date: 4/26/2017

By andriel

So there is this kid named Christian that goes to my school and I see him everyday for two years of my schooling, although we have never ever talk to each other. Although I'm not gonna lie I have always kinda taken an interest in him even though we have never talked; i never thought anything of it and he wasn't or isn't on my mind. So last night I dreamed of nothing else but us hugging in a white room. I didn't look up to his face; i just know it was him also his body was identical to the one in waking life So as we were hugging in the beginning it sorta sounded as if he was crying but he was happy. As we proceed hugging he starts to say "goodbye" "I miss you" in my ear and calling me by a nick name I have never heard or been called before but it felt odd because it sounded familiar. I also remember everything was so vivid. I remember having vivid dreams but never like this one this one I remember feeling his arms and the heat from his body and his chest vibrating when he talked. I also remember feeling the warmth of her breath on my ear when he would say something. Also something odd I never experienced before was the fact that I had mobility in the dream I could hear his voice fade away because he was so much taller then me I remember feeling and being able to control where and when I could move my head or anything so I moved my closer as my dream was coming to an end I felt him squeeze me tight and closer to him as I just felt his chest until I woke up to that feeling still there for a few seconds. I also remember dreaming of us at a school dating and being affectionate. But from his Demeanor in waking life he doesn't seem like his prone to being that affectionate also he also likes older woman. I remember having dreams like those but I can't remember if it was on that same night or different once long nights long ago.