Weird amusement park ghost dream

Date: 8/25/2017

By TastesLikeWallpaper

I am an Asian guy in beach shorts at an amusement park. There was a rumor going around of a guy dressed in dark robes who can go anywhere he wants and do things that normal park-goers shouldn't be able to do. No one ever really saw more than a glimpse of him, like the Phantom of the Opera. I desperately wanted to know who the guy was, so when he stepped off of one of the rides into a secret abandoned stairwell, I creeped out from where I was hiding and grabbed his hood, trying to pull it off. Surprised, he turned around, and I see that he's wearing another hood under the first one. I asked him, "Who are you?" He didn't answer me, just stared at me from under the hood. I tell him that I always see him at the park doing the things that regular park-goers shouldn't do. He then decides to pull off his hood. Underneath, it's a white guy I don't know with a baby clinging to his head. The guy is attractive. He said that he's done things for the park and they owe him favors, so that's why he can do things that most people can't. He then walks over to a ledge that overlooks the lobby, climbs over the rail, and zip lines out of the room through a window. I watch him disappear. It then cuts to what is supposed to be an amusement park ride. The ride is set in the woods. The ride is just a long line of hurdles with wet, rotting cardboard or wood boxes under each one. There is the chubby 20 year old and she is walking through the hurdles and kicking over/ through the boxes (that's what you're supposed to do on this ride). The girl is walking and kicking the boxes, and she gets around halfway through the line of hurdles and boxes before an unseen force (a ghost/ spirit) knocks over one hurdle at the beginning of the line. The girl looks around, scared, and then the ghost starts knocking over the hurdles faster. The girl starts speeding up and runs, jumping on the boxes to destroy them while she tries to escape the ghost. She reaches the end of the ride just before it catches up to her. The dream then cuts back to the guy in the robes. We hear his thoughts as if he was the narrator in a movie. He starts saying that he smells death (which ia normal for him), but this time he smells death and the scent of rotting blood, which is unusual. The dream scene cuts again we have his voice laid over a scene of the chubby girl doing the hurdles and boxes amusement ride. She is walking and doing the ride, and she happens upon three pieces of rotting plywood that are propped up. They have a message spray painted white on them. They say something about "ALMOND MILK" in all caps. She kicks them over just like the boxes. She continues kicking over boxes and then the hurdles lead to 3 short stairs that help you climb into the back of an old pickup truck. Inside the back of the pickup truck are boxes. The first box is a normal square box. The second box is a smaller box around the size of a loaf of bread. The third box is the size of a small coffin. I see this and realized that the box is a cheap plywood coffin. She doesn't, so I watch in horror as she kicked the boxes. She kicked the first two, then the coffin. Her foot went through the wood because it was rotting, but when she kicked the coffin, some weird substance started to leak out. The thing leaking was supposed to be the rotting blood the robes guy was talking about, but it wasn't red. It was clear. I knew that the body in the coffin was the body of the spirit that was knocking down hurdles earlier.