drug coven and teeth

Date: 4/27/2019

By lennkk

the dream started with me getting a procedure done which i think was teeth related. instead of using sutures they put safety pins all over my lips and then these guards in my mouth to protect me from biting down. one of the pins fell out so i went to my dad for help and he shoved it back in, chipping my front tooth a bit. i tried to call the people who had done the procedure but couldn’t talk. the second dream i was working for a semi famous person with something drug related. but the vibe was very coven-y and there was sort of a voodoo element of it. and it ended with us confronting this lady out front our store about carrying something around and pacing. also, the only way to get downstairs to the little lair we worked in was a dumb waiter in the floor. katie was there and offered me a chocolate cigarette. the filters kept falling off of mine. and i remember we were all gathered around a table smoking and making something out of clay.