Im a robot on a wine date

Date: 8/3/2017

By pluppeli

I am an artificial intellegence in a convincing fake body. Almost imposible to tell the difference from the real thing on the outside. I have the habit of going to this bar and drink red wine with this man. Alcohol doesnt do anything for my robo-bod, but I enjoy the social part of it. Sometimes it almost feels like there's a romantic spark between us, but one night, as we are kind of leaning in on eachother, he guiltly tells me about his girlfriend. Her name is Patricia Schloss. "Like the wine" he say and laugh. They are planing to either travel somewhere or buy land, it's a little unclear. He seems worried about something. Next time, he is very drunk. He doesnt actually have enough money for the down payment, and is making calls. Patricia is very angry. He asks if he can borrow money from me and shows me how much he needs. I realize it's more than I have ever owned at any point in my awake-life. At this, I wake up.