Date: 6/29/2019

By DreamDawg

There was a first part of the dream I don’t remember but mainly I was Spider-Man or I was hanging out with Spider-Man? It’s like that third person point of view video game feeling, where I’m looking at Spider-Man but also controlling him. I dunno. But I think I was playing Spider-Man in like an open world game (like Spider-Man on ps4 but I’ve never played that game so 🤔). So there I was, as Spider-Man, and in the open world game I kept making the same loops to go around and complete little quests and in this park-like area of New York I would hear these voices. In the dream I knew it was wolverine, Jean gray, and one other mutant, maybe rogue, and it was a side quest you had to like know where to find it to unlock it. So I found it and interacted with them and it set into play this cut scene where one of Spider-Man’s villains appeared and took over an empty orphanage or hospital wing, and took Spider-Man too, so I began playing at Hugh Jackman’s wolverine. I came in from the rooftop and landed on Spider-Man, who had been strapped to a table, freeing him, and so then all the mutants n spidey started fighting this ice villain boss-level style. So in between lowering the frosty villain’s health level, I had to fight the goons. I think we beat the dude, but I don’t know cause I woke up.