Stalkers, Knives, and Hiking

Date: 6/29/2017

By Nepetas_Legion

Part One I was on vacation in California, and I was staying at this guy's house when this creepy guy broke into the house. We both grabbed knives (mine looked super weird cuz it had a bunch of smaller blades sticking out of the main blade) and we confronted the guy, who said he wanted to watch me take a bath because of my "incredibly smooth complexion." I told him hell no and I tried stabbing him, but for some reason my knife just wouldn't work properly and it bounced off of him. We kept him busy until the cops showed up and took care of him, and then I was suddenly back at my own house. My brother and his friend were home, and I thought I caught a glimpse of them sticking nails into a bat. Before I could tell for sure, my brother turned all the lights off and started playing some old Taylor Swift song, which for some reason sounded very ominous. I realized that he and his friend were trying to scare me, so I tried to stay calm and told them to stop. Of course, this didn't work, so I started to panic a bit and grabbed a conveniently placed knife (this one actually looked normal) and told them to back off. Then there was a big scuffle that I don't really remember the details of, only that it ended with my brother turning the lights back on and revealing that I had sliced his friend's wrist. Both of them got super pissed at me, even though they were the ones threatening me with bats covered in nails. I started arguing with them that they should've known better than to scare me, especially since they knew I had recently had a run in with that stalker guy in California. They refused to admit they were in the wrong though. Part Two I was hiking on this trail through the mountains, picking up mini pumpkins so I could use them as Halloween decorations despite the fact that it's actually June. After a while I ran into this river that has appeared multiple times in my dreams. It had a path right next to the edge of the water that was about a foot wide, and this was the only place you could walk on in order the reach the end of the river, even though there was plenty of land on the left side of the path. Towards the end of the river, the path narrowed down to only a few inches wide. I've walked on this during multiple dreams with varying levels of success, sometimes I fell in the river, sometimes I walked across it without any problems whatsoever. This time though, my brother was waiting for me at the end of the path, which looked like the wall of a black castle. He threw me a measuring tape thing, and I essentially used it as a grappling hook to get across. It's kinda hard to explain how it worked, but I pretty much just shot out some of the tape, hooked it onto the edge of the castle wall, and pressed a button on it which made the mechanism shoot towards the wall, taking me with it. I landed smoothly on the wall, and decided that I'd use this weird device as a tool in a book that I'm writing. Now that I'm awake, I'm not sure if I will or not but we shall see I guess.