Date: 8/12/2019

By Caswillsaveme

I kept waking up and then falling back to sleep as if I wasn't even sleeping at all, but when I finally fell asleep I dreamt that I was in a musical like when I was in middle school and I was at a school, but there were these audition things where we got in trouble if we attended them because they weren't official for some reason, and everyone had gotten in trouble by Ms. Cimino, but I told her that I was just there telling everyone to leave because I knew not to actually attend, and she gave me a ton of scripts and kissed me on the cheek. Then my old choir teacher was there with her and my friend Andrew discussing my punishment and Andrew was telling really dumb jokes which lessened the punishment. Eventually we all walked up stairs to a room that was my room. In the dream I had been waking up to my alarm over and over again to the point where I was late to wake up. And we were trying to pick a present for a guy with know who was very sick. Then one of the Jonas Brothers came into the room and he had a baby with him.