What is Time and Dimension in the Face of War?

Date: 3/19/2017

By Fitful

There was a third world war I think. I know three major powers were fighting over something. It's possible it was three powers all within the same country. I was, as were my companions, fighting for the win. We were strapped into planes which might have been virtual interfaces, or long range remote interfaces. It was interesting to work them. I watched as the female of our group, who I switched perspective to occasionally, I watched as she got in to fly the thing. She had to change, she put on a new name some odd Princess name and literally her personality changed before my eyes into one which could pilot the thing. I thought it was silly girl stuff, but I was familiar with the technique, I did the same thing, as did the other guy. You had to channel a higher self to pilot the planes, that's just how it worked. What ensued was a long war. Sometimes we had to go fetch ourselves from other time periods and/or dimensions to continue. The other dimensions weren't much better, often the other version of the girl felt more at home here with us. Sometimes her channeled self was all there was of her. Then, once, a channeled self in another dimension was almost a child, Victorian, and black of skin. I don't think it was race like we have it here tho, her skin was actually black like midnight, or tar. Sometimes she went home, and it wasn't accepted what she did by her family. She would sleep in her old bed, in her old bedroom, and see the familiar old things, but never saw her family. Inevitably she came back to us and felt at home. At the end, there were children being trained to take our spot. I reasoned it would be a good 15, 16 years before they did then I thought about time traveling and I dropped it down to a couple years.