Flag Racing

Date: 3/31/2019

By theEccentricDreamer

I was at school walking to the gym with my friend Chloe. We were talking about some random things and when we entered the gym we stopped. It was a weird scene. Everyone is all over the gym stretching and messing with the odd equipment around the room. We sat down on the bleachers waiting for our coach to give us directions on what to do. I scanned the court and saw strange equipment. There were four plates spread around the room and in front of the plates was a wall with a rope on the other side. At the four plates there was a frisbee, a basket ball, and a soccer ball. Just off to the side a bit were six pins. At each plate there was a cone each of a different color, purple, green, red, and yellow. I was incredibly confused and I looked to Chloe to see if she got anything about it. Nope. She started back with equal confusion on her face. Soon the game started after the coach explained the rules, and how to play the game. How To Play: We are all divided into four different teams according to a color, purple, green, red, or yellow. Four people start at a plate, when the whistle sounds everyone will go and climb the wall and scale it down and run to the next plate. At the second plate you throw the frisbee (the frisbee is colored the same as the team) onto a center plate and the first frisbee to hit the plate gets flagged by someone in the middle. Which means that they get a flag of their color. They then run to the next plate (after climbing and scaling the wall each time) then pick up the basket ball. Again the first one to make a basket gets flagged. At the fourth plate they will find a soccer ball and set of pins. The person would kick the ball and try to knock down the pins. The one to knock down more pins gets flagged. Then they run back to the base they started at. Then it’s the next peoples turn. When everyone has gone we count up how many flags each team has, and whichever team has the most flags wins! We were doing well, our team. But we came in second place. First place was green. By the end I was a sweaty mess! I was crawling on my hands and knees trying to get to my backpack in the stands. Chloe came and got me to my feet, and I collapsed onto the first row of seats. Being tired was an understatement! My other friend Tanay walked over and asked what’s wrong. “I’m dying!” I said breathlessly, “Oh,” she said, “need some water?” I nodded. They led me to the water fountain. I passed out and woke up in my room.