Bus trial lol

Date: 8/22/2019

By Maffiwip

Driving on a country highway, I cut off a bus merging. The bus gets run off the road somehow. I go to the bottom of the mountain where the bus it stuck. I get on the bus and it seems like I belonged there the whole time. Someone I’m sitting with is like a seer. She tells me to kiss the girl with purple hair in the seat behind me. She has dry lips from her black lipstick. Father Blackwood shows up and there is some kind of mystical trial to figure out who caused the accident. I try to say that it was me, by they dismiss it saying it’s something much bigger. I am the seers assistant. I help her set up with huge woven tarot thing. There’s a bunch of categories and she uses different colours of wool to represent things. Suddenly it’s finished and I feel like I didn’t help at all. The seer presents all the categories. Father Blackwood calls us “The Tower” or something like we’re from a group. Somehow we narrow is down to a Russian boy. We realize it’s not quite right and it’s his far older brother. He says something about wanting a Russian convenient store in the mall. The end.