The One-legged Woman

Date: 8/26/2017

By Otoro

I was at some sort of party. The location was unfamiliar. I met a woman who I spoke to for a time, though I cannot recall about what. She seemed perfectly normal at the time. I cannot remember the details of her face but I have a vague recollection of her general appearance. She was dark skinned with long black hair and a thin figure. We talked for a time. I had the sensation of drunkeness. The next thing I remember, we were having sex. I remember looking down at her naked body and suddenly noticing that she only had one leg. I was surprised that I had failed to notice this striking detail before and it was disconcerting but I continued. The rest of the sexual act is a blur to me. I remember waking up within the dream and realizing, with regret, that I had not worn a condom. She was on the balcony with friends. It was early morning and everything was bathed in a soft blue light. I propositioned her again. She declined but offered me her friend instead, who approached me sensuously as I lay on the couch. That is the last thing I remember.